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Taking A Bus Up North? You Can Now Bring Your Cat Or Dog With You

You don't have to leave your babies behind anymore!
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Pet owners know the struggle of having to leave your babies every time you treat yourself to a quick trip. You're by the door and the little one is looking up at you with so much hope, thinking you're both going out for a walk. Well, if you're as attached to your dog (or cat) as I am, you won't have to say goodbye anymore the next time magkayayaan

You can now bring your dog or cat with you, if you take Victory Liner. The bus line made the announcement on Facebook:

Here are some important factors to remember:

  • You must look for the buses with the "pet-friendly" sticker. 
  • Only small- to medium-sized dogs or cats are allowed. 
  • Your pets need to wear an animal diaper. 
  • Pets in a carrier or cage must be placed beside you. 
  • You must cover the ticket cost for your pet, as if it's another passenger on the bus. 
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Thankfully, they also posted all the trips your pets can join you in:

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