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Twitter Might Be Getting Rid Of The 'Like' Button For Good

Jack Dorsey mentioned that he is 'not a fan of the heart-shaped button.'
PHOTO: istockphoto

If this headline made you stop mid-scroll, we're right there with you. Twitter's "like" button has been around for centuries (ok, no), so when we heard it might be gone soon, we had to find out why. In case you're new to Twitter, the heart/like button replaced a star button called "favorites" in 2015; the star button allowed readers to bookmark tweets they wanted to read later on. 

Unfortunately, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is not a fan of the heart-shaped button and is ready to move on. At a recent event, Dorsey mentioned this fact and that he's been mulling over the idea of having Twitter exist without it. 

Of course, the Internet quickly found out and wanted an explanation. Twitter's response is short and sweet:

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