Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know About Virgo

Meet Virgo, the OG organizers of the zodiac.
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August 22 to September 22

Symbol: The Virgin

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Best Love Match: Gemini

Famous Leo: Michael Jackson

There isn’t a mess that Virgo can’t fix. They can clean up a house better than Marie Kondo, and figure out someone’s emotional woes in the most cut-and-dry and practical way possible. Grounded in pragmatism, these intelligent thinkers ruled by the planet Mercury can also be the most nervous and nitpicky worrywarts in the cosmos.

At work, Virgos are professional perfectionists.

Trust that your coworker Virgo will be hammering away at the keyboard, getting things done while everyone’s out of it and ready to call it a night. Highly efficient, they will never miss a deadline and will certainly not play hooky with the rest of the team if it means they won’t accomplish what they need to. Virgos derive personal accomplishment from work and also use the office as a way to socialize—even if the impression they give off is all work, all the time.

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Results-oriented, they’re always thinking forward, worrying about getting the best output possible. While Virgos are highly aware of their meticulous standards and know that not everyone works the same way as they do, they low-key want everyone to up-level their performance to match theirs.

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As in control as they are when it comes to the serious stuff, unforeseen circumstances can send Virgo on an emotional tailspin. Used to having perfect awareness of how everything’s going, when someone drops the ball, they become highly affected.

In love, Virgos stay away from messy relationships.

Virgos are as clear-cut in their romantic relationships as they are at work. Ideally, they’ll come off as forthcoming and faithful, making sure all the terms and conditions between them and their partner are to a tee. The minute any form of betrayal, lies or dishonesty enters the sphere of relationships, they immediately close up and want out. A little naïve, a little prudish, their high expectations sometimes backfire on them, leaving them lonely and without a partner who meets their standards.

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Virgo can be extra critical of their partner. It comes with the best intentions, but only a few can handle their incredibly high and sometimes destructive benchmarks. There may also be no sense in arguing with their beliefs, as they’ll throw everything back at their partner with unfaltering logic.

Attracted by sharp wit, intelligence and a knack for conversation, Virgo’s cool ultimately breaks when they meet someone who they find irresistibly attractive. Virgo is also known for their taste, which says a lot about who they choose to partner up with.

Virgo will help their friends in any way they can.

They may not always be around, but as soon as they know they’re needed, Virgo will show up, no questions asked. They have a knack for anticipating exactly when their presence is needed and will check up on friends at the right moment, no fail. It’s sometimes tough for Virgo to offer help because these worriers are usually tending to their own problems, but when they do decide to drop what it is they’re concerned with in favor of their friends, they go all in.

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Always direct and forthcoming with their words, Virgos can handle surface-level issues with friends like an expert. When things get emotionally messy, however, they may flounder and find it difficult to articulate what they’re feeling. It’s important to understand that when they feel vulnerable, they can become extra uptight and anxious. It’s important for Virgo’s friends to assure them that everything’s going to be alright.

Virgo is protective of family.

No matter how extreme the family crisis is, family can trust Virgo to show up. They have no qualms about making a contribution, whether that’s monetary, emotional, or through their impressive loyalty. There iota of selfishness when it comes to Virgo in the family (or in any other social scenario)—they respect everyone’s place in the family structure and hardly ever demand more attention than what’s given them. They’ll be the first to step in whenever anyone needs help or support.

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When things go wrong in the family however, and Virgo is pulled into conflict, family members can expect them to cool their typically helpful and supportive nature. When wronged, Virgo will turn cool and resort to the silent treatment, becoming unwilling to deal with anyone they deem impossible.

Always dependable and reliable, Virgo is usually the go-to family member when it comes to planning out an itinerary for a vacation, organizing the details of someone’s birthday party, or figuring out how to organize a big reunion. Nothing will be left to chance if there’s a Virgo who’ll take care of all the details no one wants to deal with.

In health, Virgo needs to learn to deal with stress.

It’s the nervous system and the digestive system that needs to be tended to when it comes to Virgos. They are hard-pressed to deal with stress and are typically on edge 24/7, which, on most occasions can have ill effects on their digestion too (ulcers and IBS are typical).

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Stress management needs to be incorporated into any Virgo’s lifestyle for them to keep their sanity. While hesitant about opening up and sharing their personal feelings and thoughts with a therapists, this is sometimes necessary, especially when their neat freak tendencies become obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Because Virgos are constant worriers, hypochondria is also something they fall into more often than not. Relaxation techniques, mantra meditation, and having time for fun, non-work-related activities are key to leading a healthy Virgo life.

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