What Girls Think Of While Waiting For Him To Text Back

Say something I'm giving up on you.

OMG he texted me! I’ll reply in 15 minutes so I don’t look too eager.

But what if he thinks I’m not interested? Ah, forget it. Send.

Wait, was that grammatically correct? Should I send him another text?

Okay maybe he’s just busy. Yup, he’s definitely busy.

Did I scare him off? Was my reply too aggressive?

WTF, all I asked him was ‘how’s your day?’ That’s not a hard question to answer. Why is he taking forever to reply?!

Why did he even bother texting first if he wasn’t going to reply anyway?

Ugh, rude.

His phone is probably dead.

Or maybe HE'S dead?


But it only takes a minute to reply. He can’t be THAT busy.

Ugh, whatever. It’s his loss. I didn’t really like him anyway.

Say something I’m giving up on you…

Dude, seriously. Nothing?

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It’s been four hours.


Yes, finally!

Nooo, it’s just my mom.


F*ck, I knew it. He was just being nice. I shouldn’t have replied right away.

I need my girlfriends for this. And a bottle of wine.

I give up. I’m done.

Maybe he didn’t receive my message? I should resend it just to make sure.

Nothing? Still no reply? Shit. 

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