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What That Breast Pain Means

Do your twins feel sore? Find out if it's something serious and what you should do about it.
1. If you feel: A general aching across the upper and outer parts of each breast that occurs a couple of days to a week before your period begins
It's probably: Fibrocystic breast change. This harmless condition happens when hormone fluctuations prompt breast tissue to swell with fluid temporarily, making your twins feel ultra-sensitive.
What to do: Avoid caffeine and nicotine before your period--both increase swelling and sensitivity. Taking a daily vitamin E supplement (consult your doctor first) can also squelch the soreness.

2. If you feel: A sharp, bruise-like pain, and tender mass concentrated in one part of the breast just under the skin
It's probably: A hematoma--a knot of broken blood vessels that appears after an injury, a fall, or even vigorous foreplay
What to do: If it doesn't start to clear up after six weeks, see your doctor.

3. If you feel: A painful lump under the skin in one breast
It's probably: A fluid-filled cyst
What to do: Have your MD check it out. She'll perform a biopsy to make sure it isn't cancerous then drain the fluid so the tenderness disappears.

Source: Katherine Lee, MD, Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer
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