PSA: Today Is World Pandesal Day

Celebrate by having some pandesal!

Yup, there is such a thing as World Pandesal Day, and today is the perfect day to enjoy the breakfast favorite. As you probably know, the Pinoy bread is great with savory spreads, peanut butter, jam, luncheon meat, pancit canton—basically anything you want. If you didn’t have it for breakfast, there’s still time for a morning snack, or you can have it later in the day because TBH, it’s always a good time for pandesal.

Meaning “bread of salt,” pandesal is typically made of flour, yeast, salt, sugar, milk, butter, breadcrumbs, and water. Here’s one recipe that makes for fluffy pandesal:

Today, people have been posting their pandesal breakfasts:


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And a different kind of pandesal, LOL!

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