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Bricks Made From Taal Volcano Ash To Be Donated To Victims Who Lost Their Homes

Binan City made the announcement after cleanup operations generated sacks of ash.

With cleanup operations after the Taal Volcano eruption generating sacks of collected ash, Biñan City has announced that they will turn the ash into bricks and donate to victims who lost their homes, according to ABS-CBN News.

Biñan Mayor Arman Dimaguila Jr. said the project stems from their previous practice of producing bricks from recycled materials. With sacks upon sacks of ash collected by residents, they decided to use the ash to make bricks.

The mayor shared part of the process of turning the ash into bricks on Facebook:

Each brick is composed of 40 percent ash, 30 percent recycled materials, 20 percent sand, and 10 percent cement. Aside from bricks, the ash can also be used to make hollow blocks and plant boxes.

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Creating bricks out of volcanic ash is not only good for the environment but also makes for stronger structures, according to Rappler. In 2018, Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers found that volcanic ash has natural properties that create cement-like pastes—without the energy-intensive process of producing actual cement. Mixed with other materials in varying proportions, volcanic ash can be used to create different types of structures. 

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The neighboring city of Biñan in Laguna is one of the areas affected by the ashfall from the volcano eruption in Taal, Batangas on January 12. Since the eruption, more than 30,000 locals from Batangas and Cavite have been evacuated, according to Inquirer. 

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