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The Government Has Now Banned Tricycles From National Roads

The memo was issued to rid roads of obstructions and to promote public safety.
PHOTO: Unsplash/Ligaya Valenzuela

In light of fatal accidents and road clearing operations on major thoroughfares, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) has issued a memorandum banning tricycles, pedicabs, and motorized pedicabs from traveling on national highways.

Memorandum 2020-036, which was prescribed by the Department of Transportation (DOTR), requires that all city and municipal governments come up with alternative routes for the vehicles within 30 days.

"All LGUs (local government units) are directed to review all existing tricycle and pedicab routes within their areas of jurisdiction and to modify it accordingly pursuant to the absolute prohibition imposed under this issuance," the memorandum read.

Every municipality must have a tricycle task force that will oversee areas of tricycle operations, draft the tricycle route plan, install necessary signages on roads, raise awareness for the new tricycle routes, and propose penalties, among other responsibilities. 

Local chief executives who will fail to comply with the memorandum's orders will be issued a show-cause order.

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