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Maine Will Return To 'Eat Bulaga!' On New Year's Day

PHOTO: Instagram/mainedcm
  1. For those who have missed Maine Mendoza on Eat Bulaga!, we have good news: In an interview in Pilipino Star Ngayon, talent manager Rams David revealed Maine will be on the noontime show's live telecast on January 1, 2018.

    It can be remembered that Maine took a break from showbiz after publishing a heartfelt letter to fans, saying that she's unhappy and that Alden Richards is just her friend. (
  2. Sarah Lahbati shared some lessons from her first pregnancy via her blog. She said, "My first pregnancy was hard because I was away from the Philippines (away from Chard, my friends)."

    "I learned to appreciate and love my mother even more for everything she has done for me. As I went through all the difficulties a first-time mom could go through, I am glad and blessed I had her and my partner by my side. I learned to be tough, to chose my battles wisely. My heart grew bigger as I learned that loving has no limits and that is what Zion has taught me," she detailed.

    As for her second pregnancy, Sarah chooses to let go of anything negative. She wrote, "This time, I am learning not to sweat the small stuff, to let go of toxic people that are harming my happiness, to meditate and focus on all the blessings and my happiness. When you have a little miracle inside of you, it’s better to channel your energy to be and stay positive!" (


  3. Now let's focus on Sarah and Richard Gutierrez's son, Zion. Here he is performing a holiday version of the Elvis hit "Jailhouse Rock" with his classmates at their school Christmas party! (Push)

  4. Italian-Pinay model Ambra Gutierrez accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault back in 2015, and nobody believed her. She was devastated with all the lies being attached to her name. But when accusations of other women surfaced, Ambra felt vindicated.

    "Finally the truth was out, and I didn't need to even speak about it," she said in an interview with the New York Post. She also encourages other victims of sexual assault to break their silence.


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  5. If you're planning to change your hair color for the New Year, DIY style, take advantage of L'Oreal Paris's latest promo: For the month of December, the Ultra Lights and Excellence Creme line are P100 off!

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