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No COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects? Here's Why You Shouldn't Worry

Yes, the vaccine is working!
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Many people who have received their COVID-19 vaccines have reported side effects such as discomfort in the injection site and headachestrue to the advice of health experts that the jabs might cause minor adverse effects.

But those who don't develop any untoward reaction to the drug are left wondering whether the jab was effective or if something was wrong. Don't worry, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said having no side effects after vaccination is normal. 

Dr. Eric Domingo, the director general of the FDA, said a majority of people inoculated don't develop any side effects.

"Sa katunayan, karamihan ng nababakunahan wala talaga silang nararamdaman na adverse effects," he said on Wednesday.

"Hindi po ibig sabihin 'nun walang epekto yung vaccine. Nag-iincite pa rin siya ng immune response at tsaka ng pag-create ng antibodies pero hindi naman sa lahat ng tao na iniineksyunan ay may kasamang sintomas yung pag-develop natin ng immunity," he said.


Developing side effects is not a measure of protection from the COVID-19 vaccine, the World Health Organization said.

"The vaccine stimulates your immune system to protect you from the virus. This process can sometimes cause side effects like fever, chills, or headache, but not everyone experiences this," it said.

"You do not have to have side effects in order to be protected," it added.

What's important according to the FDA is to complete your COVID-19 vaccination to achieve the additional layer of protection against the virus.

So far, the Philippines has fully inoculated 3.5 million of its people, while 9.6 million have received their first doses.


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