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Philippine Population Growth Rate Declines By 0.21 Percent

From 1.73 percent earlier in the decade, growth rate dropped to 1.52 percent.

Population growth rate in the Philippines has decreased from 1.73 percent earlier in the decade, to 1.52 percent now.

The Commission on Population and Development was happy to announce that the country's projected total population by July 2020 decreased by 1.2 million—from the Philippine Statistics Authority's previous estimate of 109.9 million, they are now expecting only 108.7 million.

According to Popcom Executive Director Dr. Juan Antonio Perez III, the positive outcome of educating Filipinos on reproductive health is starting to show. "We welcome the new information from the PSA—proof that our nationwide efforts on reproductive health as well as family planning, are yielding positive results, as they are steadily being embraced by Filipinos."

The 0-14 age group has the biggest population decline of almost 4 percent. From 34 percent at the start of the decade, growth rate is down to 30.14 percent.

Meanwhile, the population of senior citizens in the country is "growing at a faster rate than other age groups." He said, “Filipinos 60 years and older are also increasing in number and will grow to 9,686,762 in 2020, constituting 8.8% of the population."

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Despite this dip in population growth, the Philippines still has one of the highest population growth rates in the Southeast Asian region.

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