PSA: The Philippine Red Cross Is Holding A Mass Vaccination Program For Polio

It's taking place in Metro Manila and Mindanao, from October 14 to 27, 2019.
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To tackle the re-emergence of polio in the Philippines, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is now holding an oral polio vaccination (OPV) program. This door-to-door program was launched on Monday, October 14 and will last until October 27, serving areas around Metro Manila and Mindanao. 

In support of this initiative, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movements (IFRC) donated P20 million to the PRC. 

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According to PRC head Richard Gordon, they are targeting to vaccinate 30,000 children: "PRC wants your children to be safe. Vaccines will keep away your children from diseases. It is the most effective way to prevent polio. Together, we can stop the spread of polio."

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Every PRC vaccination team is composed of four membersthe team leader, vaccinator, recorder, and health educator—each with very specific tasks.

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The team leader's job is to coordinate with barangay officials and volunteers, direct the team in identifying children who are eligible for the vaccine, ensure the used vaccines are kept properly, among other things. It is the health educator's responsibility to explain the vaccine to the child's guardian as well as provide correct information about immunization and hygiene tips. 

The vaccinator administers the vaccine and ensures that they always have enough. And it's the recorder's job to secure signatures for consent and make sure the patient's information is correct and complete. 

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