Surfing with Luke Landrigan

I got this Cosmo hunk's seal of approval during the Billabong All Girls Surf Camp!

I remember the first time I tried surfing. I was in La Union with a group of friends and I was so nervous I’d wipe out and embarrass myself in front of everyone. Balancing has never been my strongest point, so I was banking on my athletic background to give me an edge. Surprisingly, I managed to stand up, albeit briefly, and didn’t make a complete fool of myself.

Fast forward to two years later: I hadn’t gone surfing since that last trip, so when I got the invite to join the Billabong All-Girls Surf Camp in La Union, I was ecstatic. I dug up my old rash guard and snuggest bikini, and popped in my Blue Crush DVD (starring the gorgeous Kate Bosworth) to get in the zone.

The six-hour trip to La Union was quite tedious, but it was totally worth it! Adrenaline was pumping in my veins as we made our way to the beach where our eye candy surf instructor and Cosmo bachelor Luke Landrigan was waiting for us. The session began with Luke giving us a brief introduction on basic surfing guidelines and demonstrating how to properly position yourself and get up on the board.

We were divided into two groups. I was assigned to join the second batch, so I spent the first few hours watching the other girls. That’s when the nerves started kicking in. But I took a deep breath, sucked it up, and dove right in.

I was able to stand on my very first try and rode the wave all the way back to the shore. I’m not going to lie—I felt pretty badass. However, self-doubt kicked in and I thought maybe it was just beginner’s luck, so I tried again. I rode eight consecutive waves without wiping out. I could hear my friends cheering me on from the shore. I was euphoric. Now I understand what it feels like to be “stoked” (a surfer term for being completely and intensely enthusiastic).

The cherry on top of it all? During my sixth or seventh ride, I happened to pass by Luke who was coaching us from shallow waters and as I rode past him, he yelled “Yeah!” and gave me a high five. Looks like I got his seal of approval!

Check out footage from the Billabong All Girls Surf Camp here!

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