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The #Trashtag Challenge Is A Trend We Should All Totally Support

We dare you to do it with your crew this weekend.
PHOTO: iStockphoto/R_Tee

If there are makeup vids, dance dares, and funny online challenges, then this one deserves just as much airtime on our feeds and stories. The #trashtag challenge is a social challenge that is trending globally and for good measure. It encourages people to get outside and help to clean up the environment. The trend has gained global traction, and is pushing mobile-obsessed folk to make an effort to clean up litter from beaches, roadsides, parks, etc.

The mechanics are simple, says Byron Roman, who is identified as the person who helped the social challenge grab widespread attention. Initially targeting the challenge to teens, here’s what he said when he posted about his own attempt last March 5: “Here is a new #challenge for all you bored teens. Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it.”

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The challenge has extended far beyond just bored teens. As of this writing, Instagram has already logged nearly 30,000 different #trashtag challengers from all across the world. And, we’re almost certain that Pinoy challengers will add more to that count.

Apparently, this isn’t a new challenge. Reports say that the challenge started as far back as 2015 when a US outdoor brand “encourage[d] others to pack out trash when they spot it on the trail.” Thankfully, Byron resurrected it, and more people are following suit.

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With the current power of social media and the need for people to document everything, the #trashtag challenge has the formula to engage so many people and make worlds of difference. We love how so many people are jumping on board and sharing their #trashtag stories. Here are some stories of folks around the globe sharing their #trashtag posts. We’re sure Pinoys will flood the feeds soon enough. 

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Nega critics are dissing the challenge, though, questioning why it has to take a new online trend to get people to care for the environment. They’re saying that the idea of posting before and after selfies with mounds of trash seems like such a narcissistic move

We, however, would rather spin it differently. If that’s what it takes to get people to think about the amount of trash we churn out, have the heart to clean up, and find it in ourselves to care about our spaces, then so be it. This is defintely one internet challenge we should all get behind.

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