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Here's Why Many People Are Worried About The TikTok 'Silhouette Challenge'

Tutorials on how to edit women's partially nude photos are being reported.

The TikTok *community* never fails to come up with new trends, and the hot ~challenge~ of the month is the TikTok Silhouette ChallengeThis latest TikTok trend (the #silhouettechallenge hashtag now has a total of 226.5 million views) involves people posing under a doorway in a "normal" outfit, and then the video will cut to the TikTok user in a confident, seductive pose with a red filter and a "silhouette." People have been doing the challenge by themselves (or with partners), and most of the time, they are wearing lingerie or skin-tight clothes. It's possible that some content creators are also posing nude to create the perfect silhouette. 


This feels illegal to post HAHAHAH ##silhouettechallenge

? Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Giulia Di Nicolantonio


wait until the end ???? ##makeup ##beauty ##GEICOLipSync ##silhouettechallenge ##silhouette

? Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Giulia Di Nicolantonio

Some creative TikTokers have also been doing the challenge to include their favorite fictional characters' silhouettes in the final photo WITH them. Celebrities are doing the challenge, too! Someone even joked that Michael Jackson invented the silhouette challenge back in 1992, because of his "In The Closet" music video. 

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Why is it a cause for worry? Buzzfeed News reports that there are now maaany YouTube tutorials on how to remove the silhouette filter from these TikTok entries and reveal women's nudeor partially nudebodies without their consent. A quick YT search will come up with the titles "How To Remove Red Light Filter In Silhouette Challenge" and "How To Remove Red Filter From TikTok." These "instructions" have also gone rampant on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 

"When reminded that this is gross, creepy, and non-consenting, men respond that women are always finding ways to make themselves victims and they shouldn't have been naked on the internet. Yes, the same men going through extraordinary lengths to be creepy are finger-wagging women about what they shouldn't put on the internet. Because of all of the things men lack—including ethics and boundaries—they're never short on audacity," one concerned citizen wrote on Facebook

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The Twitter threads and YouTube tutorials are being reported, and some Twitter accounts have actually been deactivated because of this. 


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