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10 Reasons Guys Love Going Down On You

That view though.

1. You just look crazy-hot and we like watching you. It's a pretty unique perspective on its own. Plus, when you start writhing around and moaning, it's even hotter. We don't get to appreciate you the same way when our head is nuzzled in your neck during missionary.

2. It's like a nice little halftime show. It gives us a chance to recharge between foreplay and sex. If we're worried about, uh, ending things early, this can be a nice way to calm our penis down without just asking if we can sit around for a bit or pretending to go to the bathroom for 15 minutes.

3. It takes the pressure off us. If we get you to orgasm now, we're not going to feel so bad if we can't during sex. Sure, two orgasms are better than one, but we're not having more than one so it's not as if things are really unfair.

4. We can call in a favor. And that favor is also oral sex. Which is a great favor to have in our back pocket. Basically, foreplay should just be like a sexy Simon Says, where after one person does something, the other person should do that too until one of you screws up and is out, or you both come.

5. It builds up anticipation. It's like that moment right before the bass drops in a shitty EDM song, except we can feel it in our penises. So basically, it's like standing right next to the speaker at a shitty EDM concert. Sex is basically shitty EDM, is what I'm saying.

6. It turns us on. No, seriously. The combination of lights, sounds, smells, and tastes really does it for us. Your vagina basically becomes one of those 4-D movie experiences at Disney.

7. It gets you all ready for sex, which means no awkward probing until things fit together. I'm talking about lubrication, OK? Going down on you is great because we know by the time we're ready for penis-in-vagina, things will slide right in. Which is good. Because that's how sex works.

8. We can still touch your boobs. Yeah, sure. We can touch your boobs in lots of positions. But this is one of the few times we can do it without it feeling unnatural or awkward. Plus, we're usually moving around too much during sex for it to be practical. Oral gives us that perfect stability quality boob-holding requires.

​9. We don't have to focus on not coming too early. ​Honestly, sometimes it's tough not to start orgasming and flopping all over you like a sweaty fish when we get really close during sex. When we're going down on you, we don't have to worry about that ever.

​10. IT MAKES US FEEL LIKE A SEX GOD. ​We're like Zeus up on Olympus, except instead of chucking lightning bolts at heathens, we're throwing orgasms straight at your vagina.


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