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11 Dating Problems Girls In Manila Will Understand

Manila is waaay too small.

1. You can never secretly date anyone.
There are eyes everywhere. EVERYWHERE. No matter how sneaky you try to be, someone you know is bound to catch you with the guy you’re trying to date on the down-low.

2. There’s a big chance you’ll end up dating the ex of someone you know.
Especially if you run in the same social circle. You'll find eskimo sisters left and right. You can even compare notes! Just kidding...or not.

3. You might even end up dating one of your BFF’s ex-boyfriends.
Foul, but it happens. (Remember, Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes…)

4. Sleeping with a ka-barkada isn’t surprising anymore.
Instead of getting awkward about it, you just laugh it off as one of those random drunken nights (but deep down you’re secretly hoping everyone will forget about it.)

5. It’s nearly impossible to meet someone you have zero social connections with.
“Hey, nice to meet you. Wait, aren’t you the sister of Carlo?” or “We’ve met before. You’re the officemate of my sister’s boss’ best friend, right?” Yep, good luck finding someone who knows absolutely nothing about you.

6. People will always remember you for dating that one mistake.
Your high school boyfriend who turned out to be gay? Um ya, let’s just not go there.

7. When you break up with someone, everyone will know right away because you hang out with the same people.
You’ll get away with the “Oh, he has other plans tonight” excuse for about a week, but people will figure it out eventually, so there’s no point in hiding it.

8. You will bump into your ex when you go out.
Because Manila is way too fucking small. You might want to start looking for new places to hang out on weekends. Like, Spain.

9. You will find your friends and relatives on Tinder.
WTF, why is my brother on Tinder and why are we a match?! Gross! Deleting this NOW!

10. Blind dates aren't really "blind" because you probably already know of or have seen the person you're being set up with.
That, or you've stalked him already via your common friends or social media.

11. Dating in Manila can feel like a reality show.
They don't call it DraManila for nothing. Good luck! 


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