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11 Reasons Why Writers Make The Best Lovers


1. They’re very careful with their words. They won’t waste precious syllables on someone they don’t adore to bits. If you’ve got a writer for a lover, you’ll be showered with, not only highfaluting romantic adjectives, but also straightforward expressions of sheer love.

2. They still use love letters as a means of communication. We’re not talking e-mails or MS Word documents, it’s the old school pen and paper method that’s signed with a kiss. In this age of Viber and Snapchat, receiving a passionate love letter can be oh so meaningful!

3. Poetry might be on the horizon, too! Isn’t it kind of flattering to know you’ve inspired such heartfelt words?

4. Writers are super sensitive. Don’t mistake sensitivity with being a crybaby. Being in touch with one’s emotions can always elevate a relationship to a better state.

5. They’re a well of knowledge. Writers are natural readers, which means your conversations will never be boring and you can always learn something new. Take advantage of that.


6. Creativity fuels their lives. If you thought Fifty Shades of Grey was exciting, imagine how a writer can translate his creative juices for your bedroom needs.

7. And plus, they are great at building suspense. They can surprise in ways no one else can.

8. They can help you understand how you’re feeling. Relationships can sometimes be confusing, but if you’re lover is as articulate as a writer, understanding each other’s needs wouldn’t be as difficult.

9. They’re great budgeters. It’s no secret that writing is a job for starving artists, which means they know how to make ends meet and still live happily.

10. They can romanticize just about any situation. A night in with a box of pizza to Netflix and chill can be the stuff of erotic paperback novels.

11. They’re good with their hands. All that typing and penmanship practice has tempered amazing finger skills. It’s up to you to use your imagination as to how that can work in your favor.

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