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11 Signs You're Dating A Jock

Your weekend dates are reserved for his basketball ligas.

1. He has a closet filled with the latest athletic tech wear. Forget formal or casual wear! For him, it’s all about the compression gear and sweat pants.

2. Your presents for him are always either shoes, performance apparel, or gym memberships. Because that’s what he asks for, and hey, at least he inspires you to put in a good sweat as well!

3. His favorite channels are Balls, BTV, and ESPN. You are forced to watch regularly in order to keep up with his avid fanaticism.

He rarely wants to drink out with friends because he has training the next day. Pass, babe! Gym ako bukas eh. No fun. No fun at all.

5. Your weekend dates are reserved for his basketball ligas. Where, of course, you sit on the bleachers, cheering him on like the number one fan that you are.

6. He’s competitive. Like very competitive. Even when there’s no need to be. He thinks that losing is for, well, losers. You even have to battle him for the remote control.

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7. All he wants to do on his free time is work out. You’re scared he’ll be one of those super cut no-neck monsters and you’re slowly becoming a weight-lifting expert yourself.

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8. He has a monstrous appetite. For him, carbo-loading is key!

9. He’s part of a fantasy league. Because engaging in an actual sport isn’t enough anymore.
10. He has an acute sense of discipline. He follows a routine, works hard, and is always determined to give everything a 110%.

11. You weren’t a sports fan before you met him, but now you’re the craziest during game night.
He’s converted you and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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