12 Signs You're A Clingy Girlfriend

You overanalyze his social media activity so much, it's amazing how you can get anything done.

1. You miss him. All day, everyday. You just had breakfast, lunch, and dinner with him, but the moment you part ways, you immediately text him "Omg babe, I miss you na." It’s okay to miss him but why not try to give yourself and your boyfriend some time to ~*actually*~ miss each other? Go and hang out with your girl friends; you’ll realize (again) how it’s so much fun to be with people who are not your S.O.

2. You monitor and overanalyze his social media activity. “Why did he 'favorite' that tweet? Is he going to break up with me?” “He liked her profile picture two minutes ago, so he’s online, but why isn’t he replying to my messages?!” Giiirl, take a chill pill. He probably “favorited” that Adele lyric from this girl, because he really likes Adele! Uh, hello?

3. You’re too suspicious. Accusing your boyfriend of cheating every single time he hangs out with his friends, or staying at the office longer than usual (because he actually has a LOT of work to finish) is just tiring and annoying.

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4. You want to be updated with everything he’s doing. Like, literally everything. Remember, you are his girlfriend. Not his mom. (LOL, his mom doesn't even do that).

5. You start an argument for no reason at all. This could be one of the worst things you can come up with just so you can get the attention of your man. Starting a fight with no valid reason at all could just probably lead to a serious fight.

6. You have too many questions and you won’t stop bugging him until you hear the answer that you want. Unless you have solid evidence of cheating, maniwala ka lang.

7. You convince him to have a joint social media account. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS??

8. Your social media updates are all boyfie-related. It’s your account, we get that. But there's gotta be more to life than your boyfriend, right?

9. You text, call, Snapchat, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Facetime him 24/7. And if you don't get a reply within 10 minutes, it’s either you panic or start World War III. Girl, baka nagdi-dinner lang?

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10. You can’t say no. He asks you to buy him the latest sneakers? G. He asks you to wait for him for five hours? No problemo. Saying yes to ALL of his requests even if it means going against your own will is not love.

11. You get jealous. A lot. Getting jealous is okay and cute sometimes, but when it’s too often and out of context, it could mean trouble. It’s probably just you and your praning self.

12. You can’t decide for yourself. You always need his approval and opinion. If you’re not with him (which rarely happens) you text him and can't sit still until you get a reply from him. Remember when you weren’t with him? You were able to do a lot of things on your own. Now wasn't that fun??

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