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12 Signs You Shouldn't Date

Eh ano ngayon kung single ka?

1. You don't want drama right now. Here is a statistic we just invented: 90% of a girl's problems are caused by boy problems. Do you really want to be the sad, drunk girl during barkada wine night throwing a major BF? "But guuuuys, just because he's emotionally unavailable right now, doesn't mean he never wants to be with me in the future!"

2. You are too busy becoming who you are. Fine, that was a line we stole from Girls. But it is true! In between working your ass off at your dream job, you're traveling the world with your besties, spending your weekends visiting cancer patients in hospitals, and getting a mani-pedi while looking fab AF (because you find time for spinning class now). You have no time!

3. You're still getting over an ex. Rebound guys are a beautiful distraction. But you don't necessarily have to commit to the first guy who tells you, "God, I think you're all that." If you're looking for an ego boost, adopt a pet instead. Dogs are loyal and kind and will act as a footrest after a terribly long day. Can boyfriends do that? No, they can't.

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4. You're still in school. Mag-aral ka muna. Tapusin mo muna 'yung thesis mo—which is life according to this article.

5. You have never been single in your life. You had your first boyfriend, Jay, when you were 16. You were together until you were 20. Six months later, you met Rocky. You were with him until you turned 22. So here you are at 22, with no manliligaw for the first time! Should you go on Tinder and find someone because you are alone? No.

6. You're bored. Hindi lahat ng problema nasasagot ng lalaki. Deep down, alam mo yan. Wala ka lang magawa. 

7. You just got off from a long-term relationship. Again, rebound guys, rebound sex—never a good idea. But rebound haircut, rebound wine, rebound GNO, rebound family time, rebound dog, rebound designer bag—yes, yes, yes forever!

8. You just want to get back at your ex. “Posting this photo with Hot Biceps Guy I Met In Valkyrie on Instagram, because John will see and I want him to get crazy jealous.” Giiiiiiirl.

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9. Your friends are pressuring you to lower your expectations. Friend A says, "'Yung tall, athletic, super-smart, poetic, philosophical, ma-porma guy who reads Jane Austen na type mo, rare 'yunThat guy who's been following you around, what's his name again? Justin? Okay, I know you guys have zero chemistry, and you're kind of annoyed at him, but 'di ba he's fun naman? Try mo lang!"

10. He still doesn’t have his shit together. And you do. See #2.

11. Ikaw si Taylor Swift.

12. Or si Beyonce.