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12 Signs Your Boyfriend Is More Stylish Than You

He is challenged to dress you for an entire week and you’re not the tiniest bit worried.

1. He puts as much effort into his appearance as you do. When you go out together, you don’t dress down for fear of being mistaken as his PA. He also thinks the off-duty look is just an excuse to dress lazily. “Bawal ang complacent” is a rule you apply both in your relationship and dressing.

2. You’re jealous that he has the clothing staples covered on top of an edited wardrobe of odd pieces and accessories, properly spaced out and hung on wooden hangers inside his new closet. Yes, he bought a NEW closet!

3. His shoe collection includes leather loafers, oxfords, boat shoes, running shoes, and nothing of those hideous dress shoe/sneaker hybrids. In fact, he’s a few pairs short to completing the list in the book A Guy’s Guide To Shoes while you’re still struggling to fulfill a fraction of your shoe requirement because you keep on buying flats and white kicks.

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4. He wears outerwear other than a zipped hoodie called the navy blazer—with a complimentary silk square jammed in the breast pocket. The compliments for the blazer alone have actually paid for its premium price.

5. He owns a number of watches for different occasions, while you stopped wearing your one and only piece. What’s the use—you have your phone, anyway.

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6. He can identify colors beyond ROYGBIV, and knows the ones that flatter his skin tone. Quick, hide your pair of fluorescent green shorts so that he won’t complain about its atrocity!

7. While shopping, he can competently help you hunt for a dress you’d want to wear. More importantly, he keeps you focused and tells you that it’s okay to leave the mall empty-handed sometimes. You love and hate him at the same time for that.

8. You’re not worried if your man is challenged by or Buzzfeed to choose an outfit or makeup for you, or even to dress you for an entire week. It sounds exciting—bring it on!

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9. He believes that behind every well-dressed guy is… no, not a fashionable girlfriend but a person with skillful hands and a tape measure. He has a go-to tailor to alter his RTW pieces, as he knows the value of great-fitting clothes.

10. He strives to stay fit. For him, an outfit will not matter if there is no shape to flatter! On that account, you wake up early on weekends to run with him around the UP Academic Oval. Plus, you seriously need to step up your Vinyasa game and nail that headstand once and for all.

11. You see other stylish guys eyeing your boyfriend’s clothes and he often gets asked where he bought them.

12. You wave the white flag—your boyfriend is the bigger person in your relationship, style-wise. But it really doesn’t matter because when a special person more stylish than you are compliments how "your dusty rose top brings out the pink in your cheeks," you know you have done something right in this world. <3

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