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12 Things Only Hopeless Romantics Understand

Feelings. So many feelings.

Para Sa Hopeless Romantic/VIVA Films

1. You have more feelings than you know what to do with.

It doesn’t take much for the feels to overcome you. A heart-wrenching song, a sentimental YouTube video, the story your friend just shared of how her grandparents met during the Japanese occupation? Been there, cried to that. At weddings, you can be counted on to weep along with the parents and siblings, even though you’re just someone’s plus one and you’ve never seen the newlyweds before in your life.

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2. You're a notorious daydreamer.

Even before a relationship starts, you’ve already imagined and replayed over and over in your head a montage of romantic moments where you’re laughing and holding hands and sitting on swing sets and playfully throwing snowballs at each other. *kilig*

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3. You’ve written stuff for or about the object of your attention.

Besides letters or sweet little notes or those diary entries you scribbled down when you were younger, you’ve penned poems, haikus, and even tried your hand at writing a song that turned out to be terrible. Hey, even Taylor Swift had to start somewhere, right?

4. Every love song you hear sounds like it’s about you and your boo/crush/bastard who broke your heart.

“Crush” by Mandy Moore? Totally about that geek you had the hots for throughout grade school. “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce? Totally about your college boyfriend who gave the lamest excuse for breaking things off. “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran? Totally about that guy you’ve yet to meet whom you’ll be loving ‘til you’re seventy.

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5. You get extremely invested in fictional romances.

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Popoy and Basha, Chuck and Blair, WALL-E and EVE—you shipped them all hard.

6. You have pretty high standards when it comes to choosing a partner.

You have a long list of qualities you want him to meet: must look malinis, must have ambition, must know how to cook, must love his mom, etc. etc. etc. (Although the longer you go without a boyf, you end up striking items off the list one by one...)

7. People close to you have teased you because everyone you’ve fallen for is “The One.”

Siya na talaga!” you say defensively about this new guy, remembering that you said the same thing about the last one who ended up ditching you for his ex.

8. You can’t imagine how other people can hook up casually just like that.

You can’t even bring yourself to join Tinder, much less do the nasty with someone you have no feelings for. If you can’t imagine the guy being the father of your unborn children, it ain’t happening.

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9. The thought of growing old with your one true love is your ultimate fantasy.

Oh, what a dream it would be for you and your man to pile on the pounds and have all your hair turn gray and develop various health problems and be stuck in wheelchairs—WHILE STILL HOLDING HANDS.

10. When you fall in love, you fall HARD.

When you’re in love, your days are filled with smiles and blissful daydreams and the feeling that your heart is about to burst out from your chest and do cartwheels on the street.

11. When your heart breaks, it breaks HARD.

When you’re heartbroken, your days are filled with ugly crying and listening to Adele and asking the universe, fists shaking, what you ever did to deserve so much pain?!?!

12. After a devastating heartbreak, you tend to swear off dating for a while. 

But if you're honest with yourself, you still keep an eye out for love, hoping that it'll surprise you someday when you least expect it. That cute coworker you’ve been catching staring at you lately? “Baka siya na talaga!” you think to yourself. *kilig*

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