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13 Best Ways He Tells You He Loves You Without Saying "I Love You"

Because his love for you isn't proven by how much he says those three words.

1. He believes in you. He might have a different career path and skillset, but he knows you and your goals. He just knows that you can make it, and whenever you doubt yourself he’ll cheer you on in a heart beat.

2. He lets you be your own person. He won’t tell you to wear makeup, straighten your hair, be into sports, and do other such things. In fact, he loves you just as you are and doesn’t even make you feel like you have to look like Kendall Jenner. If you do decide to change your look, that’s okay for him too because that doesn’t change who you are.

3. He trusts you. That guy you met at a party and became friends with? Your ex whom you can’t help interacting with? He might feel a bit uncomfortable (an understatement) deep inside, but he’s not going to suspect that you’re cheating on him—he’s incapable of that. So he won’t even be tempted to snoop around, breach your privacy, and read your messages. For him your relationship is solid, and there’s just no way anyone can take you away because you won’t let that happen.

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4. He listens to you. Your stories, your rough ideas and ramblings—he’s all ears for them because they’re a part of who you are and he’s genuinely interested. Even if you’re telling the same story again or you’re trying to articulate your thoughts and not really making sense, he listens and even tries to get things straight.

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5. He opens up to you. You’re his go-to person. He’ll talk to you about his feelings, ideas yet to be fleshed out, and his reflections because you’re the only one he’s 100 percent comfortable with. You’re also the only one he can have fun talking to about those things.

6. He’s honest with you. He loves you so much that he just can’t lie to you. To him, you deserve the truth. He has nothing to hide from you.

7. He gets you what you really like. He knows what you want because he’s paid attention to the things you told him, and he’ll give it to you because he wants you to feel how much he loves you and how special you are to him.

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8. He brings you to get-togethers with family or friends. First, you’re no secret to them; he’s proud of you. Second, you guys don’t fly solo anymore—you really just come as a package deal now.

9. He holds his temper. Some people are really just not patient, but for the person they love they try to stretch it as much as they can. He doesn’t want to fight you or snap at you, especially when you’re not the one at fault or there’s a misunderstanding between you.

10. He cheers you up when you’re having a really bad day. He wants you to be happy!!

11. He tells you to take care of yourself and keep safe. He values you a lot so he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you. He asks you if you’re already home or if you’ve finally arrived in the office.

12. He still reminisces about the first day you met and the rest of your love story, and gushes about how lucky he is to have you. He’s at awe with how things came to be—how you guys came to be—and he still can’t get over the whole thing. He can’t help looking back on all those events that changed his life and led him to the most wonderful gift ever.

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13. He holds your hand. This might seem trivial, but is really far from it. Holding hands establishes and affirms your connection and affection more than kisses can. Sure, people kiss those they love, but they also kiss people they just lust for and don’t love at all. But hand-holding? For some reason it’s really just reserved for that special someone.

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