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13 Signs He Loves Spending Time With You The Most

You, always.
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1. He asks you out often. Asking you out is a sure sign that he wants to see you and spend time with you. And when he does this regularly, you know he's enjoying your company and he's picking you over playing video games or hanging out with the boys.

2. He's always up for going out with you or staying in. No matter how tired he is from work, he can't pass up being with you. Even if you guys will probably doze off together while watching a movie or TV show, it doesn't matterwhen did sleeping with the one you love feel bad?

3. Some days he's just not up for hanging out with his friends and sees you instead. This always comes as a surprise to you, because he already doesn't see his friends a lot from going out with you. So when he's still not in the mood to be with them or is lazy to be with people but sees you instead? Damn. You're it.

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4. He invites you to outings with his friends. Not that he doesn't have fun with his friends anymore; he still does. It's just that he'll have the most amazing time when you're there. He can just talk to you or be silly with you or be very chill with you and you guys just click.

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5. He misses you only a few days after you guys saw each other. Or as soon as your date ends. Call him clingy (as a joke or a complaint), but he can't help it when he's having such a good time with you that your dates almost always feel bitin. If you feel the same way, maybe you guys should already live together. LOL.

6. He texts or chats with you every day. You guys don't see each other on a daily basis, so he has the urge to reach out to you and just hear from you. You guys don't even have to be chatting the entire time (you shouldn't be if you're working); your presence or the idea that both of you are there in front of a computer is comforting for some reason.

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7. He calls you every night. Sure, you guys were already chatting or texting during the day and he already knows what you did. But he's still going to call you to ask how you are after all that since he's also concerned about you and genuinely interested in you and your life. Sometimes both of you are just so sleepy to keep talking, so he calls you just so you guys can literally say "Good night" and "I love you" to each other. Your voice makes him feel that you're close.

8. He smiles a lot when he's with you. He can look really goofy especially when he's smiling out of the blue and he's keeping on that big grin, but he can't help it when he's immeasurably happy that you're finally next to him. Maybe he's also really happy about his luck: that he's with you and that you love each other. 

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9. He feels bad when you ask him out and he's already had something else planned. It can't be helped that there's going to be a high school or college reunion of sorts or he's doing OT in the office just when you ask him to hang out with you. He can't always flake as much as he's tempted to, especially when he's already RSVP-ed (that's just proper manners). Because he won't get to be with you that night, he feels bad.

10. He reschedules! He's outwardly longing to be with you. He's upset about having to say no to you, so he'll do something about it: he'll ask to see you the following day.

11. He wishes you were with him when he's out of town. Beautiful experiences are the absolute best when they're shared with that person who makes you the happiest. Everything would feel perfect in that moment. Without that person, in this case you, he feels lonely; he feels that something is really missing from his life.

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12. He wants you guys to travel or have an adventure together. Spending time with you is great, and what makes it greater is when you guys are some place else experiencing new things, learning something new, going out of your comfort zones, and just really moving as a dream team. It's also intimate because you get to know a little bit more about each other and grow a little bit more together.

13. He plans ahead. He doesn't have to plan all your dates or hangouts (hey, spontaneity is great too!), but him making plans every now and then shows that he's excited to be with you. And you can take that excitement to mean that he's totally far from getting sick and tired of you, and that maybe he never will. :)

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