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13 Things Lesbians Love About Being In Long-Term Relationships

Breasts are ~*everywhere*~ all the time.

1. Having an amazing (and coincidentally hot) person who's always there when you need them.
No matter what else happens in your life, she understands you in a way no one else does and when something awesome happens to you, she covers the whole apartment in ribbons and candles, which is a fire hazard, but she also puts a fire extinguisher right next to you both because she's very sensible. 

2. If you feel like cuddling, oh, you can cuddle.
You can cuddle hard. Any time you want. God, even thinking about living in a world that wonderful might make me cry. I love cuddling so much.

3. Not having to worry if you're being too weird or silly because there's no such thing.
They've been with you for a long enough time that they love your weirdness and they love your silliness. I don't think I could ever be with anyone who didn't allow me to achieve maximum silliness. And with me, it's pretty excessive, so. 


4. Having someone you can't wait to come home to.
And someone to get excited about when you hear their key in the door because it's the person you love! They're home! They're home! Do I sound like a puppy? I feel like I sound like a puppy. 

5. Always having a date for everything always.
Oh there's a super-fancy work event that sucks but you have to go? Date. Oh there's a slightly casual work event that sounds so cool and you can't wait to go? Date. 

6. Household chores basically don't even exist anymore.
If you can't or don't want to clean the bathtub because you've been taking a lot of sea salt scrub baths with these little flower petals that get everywhere, she can and will do it for you, and vice versa because you got it like that. 

7. Not having to shave every inch of your body like a mannequin.
I know some lesbians are still obsessed with shaving and that's totally fine, but even if you walk around with a razor in your hand all the time, you're not grossed out if your partner didn't shave every inch of hair on her body every time you fool around, because she is your favorite human, aka the human you watch The Bachelor with ironically. 

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8. You never worry whether or not you're actually "a thing."
It's been a year. You are a thing. 

9. "Oh shit, I'm out of tampons" is something you haven't said in months.
If you don't have one, she has one and if she doesn't have one, you have one from the last time she gave you one. It's nonstop tampon coverage. 

10. You get to see boobs all the time forever.
There are so many boobs in your house and they're all the greatest boobs because they're boobs filled with love. 

11. You no longer have to explain your sexual orientation to everyone.
If they know you and Kate live together and have lived together for a long time now and also you have Instagram photos of you two making out and raising kittens named after L Word characters together, uh, yeah. It should be pretty obvious. 

12. You basically have two closets forever.
Granted, you might not be the same size and you may dress so differently it's almost hilarious, but even if it's basics like bonus hoodies or beanies and flannels...God, even the clothing I'm listing sounds gay.


13. You can watch TV shows about wacky lesbian dating scenarios with the comfort of the knowledge that you are a safe distance away from that being your reality.
"Haha, oh, man. Shit is getting really complicated between Piper and Alex. Thankfully, Kate and I are super in love and life is great pretty much always."—you. 


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