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13 Things To Know Before Dating A Girl With Daddy Issues

She has trust issues.

1. She can generalize men to be a certain way. Like they don’t know how to treat women right, or that they always leave. Bitterness runs deep.

2. But she still tells herself not all men are the same. She knows this as a fact, no matter how her emotions tell her otherwise. She won’t let one person ruin things for everybody. She won’t let her issues stop her from meeting new people, living her life, and loving someone.

3. She has the tendency to push people away, including the person she likes. She doesn’t want to get too attached for fear that the guy would just jilt her. So she instinctively pushes people away to see who would care enough to keep reaching out to her. It’s a bad habit, but it’s bound to go away in time when she’s confronted about it.

4. She has trust issues. Her view of the world has dimmed. To her, everybody lies, cheats, says things they don’t mean, is just using her for something. No one’s really good for the sake of being good. It’ll take her a while to truly realize that people do those things, but not all the time. She’ll get there.

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5. She can be self-righteous. Yes, everyone lies, is insincere, is a user. She throws those words around as if she’s never lied, said something she didn’t really mean, or used anyone herself. Nonetheless she is a really good person who does her best not to hurt others.

6. She’s ambivalent about marriage. They don’t work for a number of couples, so what’s the point? What more, people break their promises. If a guy can’t fulfill his promise of telling her his plans for the week, how could he fulfill his vow to love her for richer or poorer? SRSLY.

7. She knows what she doesn’t want in a guy. She’s seen the pitfalls of some qualities and behaviors, so she won’t deal with any of those when she wants a happy and strong relationship.

8. She knows when she isn’t being valued. Her experience at home has made her a pro.

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9. She’s used to not having a guy around. An absentee dad is bound to make her feel independent and strong. But of course wanting to be with a doting guy who’s there for her is another thing.

10. She can be a bit too angry with the world. Because it’s flawed—made flawed by jerks and people who can’t keep their promises. The world is infiltrated with them.

11. She tries to be idealistic and realistic at the same time. She knows how dark this world can be—how full of pain, how people can be such jerks and get away with it, how it’s the innocent ones who suffer the most. But she still holds on to her dreams of happiness and a better world for everybody. Her hopefulness pulls her through.

12. She’s very appreciative. Her bouts of negativity or pessimism magnify the smallest of kind and loving gestures. She’ll be very thankful to people who are good, because they could’ve chosen to be a douche and hurt others but they didn’t!

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13. She’s a fighter. She’s not afraid to call people out for being assholes and to speak her mind. She might be afraid though of what the future holds. But she does her best to surpass her inner struggles, issues, and negativity since she believes that life has so much more to offer than sorrow and pain. It should, and she’ll do what she can to make it happen.

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