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14 Struggles Girls Dating Seloso Guys Understand

He tells you what you CANNOT wear.

1. You can't have a guy best friend. Because your seloso boyfriend has to be your best friend. It makes sense, of course. But whom can you talk to then about your seloso guy so you can get insight on the male psyche? It's not like you can just tell your guy he's being a pain in the ass without knowing where he's coming from.

2. You can't hang out with your guy friends unless a girl is around. Correction: There has to be more girls around than guys, or each guy who's there must have his GF/BF present. Your guy thinks people will definitely hit on you when he's not there.

3. You can't wear revealing clothes. Except when it's just you two on a date. He knows you're a catch, and he hates it whenever guys stare at you. Sadly, it's not so much because staring is rude, but because he thinks you're his [property]. Not a good thing, BTW. 

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4. You also can't dress up and put on makeup when you're not going out with him. He thinks you're trying to attract someone else or that you're dying for attention. What if you're naturally kikay? And it's not like all girls dress up for other people.

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5. You can't have a wild girls' night out. That bachelorette party with the strippers? Forget it. Either you can't go or you have to tell your other friends to ditch the stripper idea.

6. You have to spill all the details about your hangout with friends. Not that you're up to no good in the first place, but he's just bound to get upset or mad at your or one of your friends for petty reasons.

7. You're tempted to tell white lies even if you don't want to. Because sometimes it's better to just not tell him anything so that he won't have to worry about you or get stressed out.

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8. You pretty much can't have a crush, even on a celebrity. Okay, maybe you can, but you can't gush about how gwapo Daniel Matsunaga is, which beats the point of having a celeb crush.

9. You feel sakal, because you don't have privacy. He tells you what to do, what to wear, whom you should and shouldn't be close to. He also stalks your social media accounts, so he tells you to remove your bikini pics and a few selfies, to change your profile picture, and finally update your relationship status.

10. You sometimes feel tired of assuring him you're faithful. It might sound bad that you feel tired, but it's the truth. No matter how you love making him feel your love, it sucks when he doesn't believe in you or challenges you to keep proving yourself. It's just so tiring when you're forced into it.

11. You sometimes don't know what to do to prove that you are faithful to him and that you love him. Does he want you to give up everything and center your life around him? To ditch your family, friends, and colleagues for him? Not to sound like a bitch or anything, but you support him and you're there for him without fail. You're sweet and affectionate with nobody else but him, too. 

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12. You feel insulted that the love you're giving isn't enough. Apart from being insulted, you also feel sad that your "everything" reads as "nothing" to him. It's like, what's the point of being with him?

13. Your friends think you're better off with someone else who's not breathing down your neck. Your friends mean well. It just sucks that they're not big fans of you and your boyfriend (or worse, they're rooting for your breakup). You tell them he still makes you really happy; you just have problems like other couples do.

14. You have to stretch your patience indefinitely for when he’ll finally trust you and get over being seloso. It's not easy to battle someone else's issues (because your guy probably has them, hence the jealousy and possessiveness) for who-knows-how-long. But it's not any easier to see the person you love be consumed by them too. And because you love him, you'll help him trust and understand you. and you'll be patient whenever he forgets you love him.

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