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15 Types Of Guys You Date In Your 20s

Yep, "The Player" and "The Possessive Guy" are in this list.

1. The Faux Sensitive Nerd

He may be quiet most of the time and be deemed as a "shy guy," but then one day he says something that indicates he suuuuuper has rage issues, usually with women, and you will be terrified. We've all been there.

2. The Kind of Old Guy

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You're 21; he's 36. Somehow you're attracted to him and you try to pursue it, but then you start realizing he is seriously way too old for you and people probably think he hired you to date him, which would be kinda cool if you were getting paid, but you're not.

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3. The Good on Paper Guy

He's a med student! He's handsome! He wears cardigans! He...does not interest you in the least. He's not funny or interesting and yeah, you're attracted to him, but just barely. Skip.

4. The "We Should've Stayed Friends" Guy

The guy you've been friends with for a long time and then one day you guys hook up and it's not that great, or it's good but it's weird, and you kind of wish you'd just left that shit alone.

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5. The Plus-One Guy

This guy is your date for every social event, every movie, every everything except for actual romantic or sexy stuff. You should probably keep it this way or marry him. Tough to tell.

6. The Friend-Zoned Backup

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You know the one. You break up with a guy, you call him. You get dumped, you call him. You're feeling like kind of flirting with someone with no intention of it going any further, you call him. The whole situation is not that great.

7. The 30-Year-Old

You're in your 20s and he is 30! This seems like a big, weird, grown-up, cool thing but in fact, it's probably not. Usually this is a situation where he doesn't have his life figured out, despite the 10-year age gap, and neither do you. This seems oddly comforting until you realize if you're gonna date a guy who doesn't have his shit together, you could just date someone your own age.

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8. The Player

He actually knows and uses Pick-Up Artist moves and thinks he has you all figured out. Blowing him off/not responding to his "skills" will be one of your proudest moments.

9. The Hipster

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From the outside, walking around with this guy would seem like the coolest thing ever, until you realize his faux irony isn't just skin-deep; he's insecure, and he's too cool to care about anything, including you. No, thanks.

10. The Possessive Guy

You made out with him once and he immediately asked who else you're dating and why you're dating them. He doesn't wanna be your BF but he doesn't want you to date anyone else either. Cool plan.

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11. The Guy Who Calls You His GF Too Soon

You went on two dates and then on the way to a party, he wants to know if he can call you his girlfriend, and you feel kind of bad for wanting to say, "Um, no, that is insane. Seriously, you are insane." (#agadagad????)

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12. The Guy Who's Never Around

Between working out and playing golf, this dude is never around to hang out or go on dates and probably only texts you at midnight because he is a tool.

13. The Guy Still Not Over His Ex

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It'll start off small at first with little mentions here and there, and then one day he's straight-up weeping in your lap about how he never got to really say good-bye.

14. The Guy Who Doesn't Think He Should Date Seriously in His 20s

Because he needs to be young and free, because he thinks he's more attractive than he is, because he has major intimacy issues. Whatever this reason, it's totally possible this guy will stay single forever and you can feel free to remind him of that fact.

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15. The Guy Who's Your Boyfriend

This is the guy who is heartbreakingly great to you. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn't, but he's everything the others were not and then some. Even if it doesn't stick, you'll never forget him. Great, now I'm crying.


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