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20 Signs You Found Mr. Right

He's definitely in your relationship for the long haul. You're not Ms. Right Now.

1. He understands you. And even when he doesn't, he tries his best. When he doesn't know what to say, he understands you need his presence when you feel like crap.

2. He supports you. He wants you to achieve your dreams, and he's your cheerleader at the worst of times.

3. You're 100% comfortable with him. You can wear your hair down and barely brush it. You can fart and burp and be gross in front of him, yet he'll still be okay with you. You can talk to him about your fears and most embarrassing moments. You can speak your mind, and you're okay with asking him "stupid" questions.

4. He respects people, not just you. It's important to be with a person who is kind to others. You'll know he's not a self-entitled douchebag.

5. He stands by his principles. Nothing can corrupt him!

6. He keeps you in check. He knows you're not perfect, and will say politely where you went wrong and how you can improve.

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7. He's kind and sweet to your family and friends. The point is, he knows that your family and friends are important to you, so he'll always make the effort to get along with them.

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8. He's not afraid to be romantic. There's no reason for him to hide his feelings if he really loves you and he's grateful to have you.

9. He makes you laugh. He just knows what cracks you up. He wants you to have a good time, too.

10. He inspires you to be a better person. He's a great person himself and he loves you so much, so how could you not shape up and mend your destructive ways?

11. He knows and loves your quirks. While your quirks don't define you, he practically knows which are solely yours. Yup, he's paid you that much attention!

12. You're part of his life plan. He's definitely in the relationship for the long haul. You're not Ms. Right Now.

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13. You can talk to him about anything and everything. Because what's the point of being with someone you can't express yourself to, right? This also means that he doesn't make it difficult for you to tell him things.

14. Even when you don't say a word, he knows something's up. He knows your vibe. He can also read your face: that your lips are slightly pursed, your stare is more intense, and so on. He notices the little details.

15. He wants you to open up to him. When he asks you what's wrong, he wants you to tell him what's up so he can make you feel better.

16. He surprises you. And sends you random happy things when you least expect them. 

17. He lets you ramble, and he smiles while you're at it. He may not follow very quickly when you talk to him about technical things, but you have his full attention so he's not far off. He loves it when you're in the zone and you make him a part of it.

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18. He makes time for you. You're a priority in his life and he misses you. It's as simple as that.

19. You try new things together. Which means you guys get to share new experiences with each other. 

20. Seeing the other person still excites both of you. Together for years now and still looking forward to a movie marathon or a quick lunch? THAT'S something.

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