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21 Kinds of Guys Who Are Totally Worth Your Time

The guy who thinks you look sexiest in jeans and a T-shirt with no makeup on and your hair in a topknot.

1. The guy who sends you flowers just because.
Or because he wants to take you out on a date. Or because you had a bad day. He's thinking about you and making an effort! Why is that so hard to find.

2. The guy who does what he says he will.
He calls when he says he will and commits to plans in advance. And if something happens and he can't do what he says he will, he's profusely apologetic and always has a really good reason.

3. The guy who calls you the day after meeting you.
Yes! A phone call! It's a miracle! And so is this guy—he'll probably call you regularly moving forward because he's one of the few people left in the world without a severe self-imposed phone allergy.

4. The guy who asks you to be exclusive.
And at first you're completely thrown because you were just dating a schmuck who dicked you around F O R E V E R, but this guy makes you feel like the only girl in the world, which is exactly how every girl deserves to feel.


5. The guy who knows what he wants and goes after it.
Much like you go after things you know you want, because you're a woman with her shit together. Sometimes that thing is a new pair of boat shoes or a better fitting shirt, sometimes that thing is a relationship with you.

6. The guy who texts you back in a reasonable amount of time.
The "I'm going to wait three days before reaching out" rule is bullshit and so are guys who follow it. Besides, three days in the Internet/text message age is, like, nine months. Who has nine months to wait around to see if a guy likes you? Not you, that's for sure.

7. The guy who can't wait to introduce you to his friends and family.
Finally, you're not the one in the relationship parading your love interest around to every BBQ/park picnic/drinks outing with zero reciprocation.

8. The guy who takes the time to get to know your friends.
They aren't going anywhere, so if he also doesn't want to go anywhere, he should get chummy with your inner circle.

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9. The guy who loves hanging out with your family and doesn't complain when you want to go and visit them.
Also, he'll hang with your dad and brother like he's a part of the family. And won't roll his eyes when your family drives him (or you) crazy! As other people's families inevitably do.

10. The guy who plans ahead.
There is nothing sexier than a man who can follow through on a dinner date with one or two phone calls and/or texts. It's a law of dating and life that guys who can't do this are never going to be able to do anything.

11. The guy who shares your values.
It doesn't matter how much you love a person. If you don't value the same things (like where to live, having kids or not, how to manage your finances), it will never work.

12. The guy who watches your TV shows with you because he knows it makes you happy.
He probably also secretly likes The Bachelor (who doesn't) so it's a win/win.


13. The guy who doesn't sleep with or date any other women after he's decided he wants a relationship with you.
This guy has morals and thinks about other people. Any man in your life should come with common decency.

14. The guy who's willing to compromise.
Because it's not all about him and he is confident/amazing enough to realize that.

15. The guy who's willing to make sacrifices to make your relationship work.
Exhibit A: You get your dream job in NYC, and he picks up and moves with you because you've dreamt about being a magazine editor your whole life and he knows that. *Swoon.*

16. The guy who tells you how he really feels. *~FEeLiNgS~*.
Talking about them is just as important as having them. You can't be the only one in the relationship who's able to discuss yours honestly.

17. The guy who doesn't try—or want—to change you.
He thinks you're sexy and amazing (and, maybe, a little crazy) and he wouldn't change you for the world.


18. The guy who finds you sexiest in jeans and a T-shirt.
When you're not wearing any makeup and haven't done anything to your hair. And when you roll to brunch on Saturday morning in your "comfy" clothes is when he has the most trouble keeping his hands off you.

19. The guys who listens.
He knows your favorite ice cream flavor and your favorite flower, and remembers the story you told him once about your high school play. Because when you talk everything else in his world disappears.

20. He makes out with you in an I-want-you-to-feel-like-your-life-is-a-movie kind of way.
And who doesn't want to feel like their life is a movie? He's your Ryan Gosling and you're his Rachel McAdams and you'd definitely win the "Best Kiss" award at the MTV Movie Awards.

21. The guy who wifes you up.
He sees the gem he has in you and he doesn't take you for granted. He's been looking for you his whole life just like you've been looking for him.



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