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4 Female Qualities That--Surprise--Don't Matter To Men


1. A super laidback attitude.

A lot of guys need a woman who can keep them motivated and in line. If she’s too relaxed, then there’s no one to push him forward when he needs a good shove.

2. Supermodel looks.

Men know the bikini-clad chicks in most mags have been Photoshopped, and the actresses in porn sites contain more silicone than actual flesh. When it comes to a girlfriend, they want a woman who’s sexy, yeah, but also real.

3. Being neat and not messy.

It’s cool if she likes to clean, but being with a girl who’s ultra-anal and O.C. only makes them nervous they’ll constantly be ordered around to pick up after themselves.

4. Interest in his hobbies.

Many guy pastimes are about escaping regular life and hanging with dudes who are into the same stuff. Your wanting to participate in everything can scare them into thinking you’ll take that away from them down the road.

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