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4 Signs That Tell You He's Not Ready to Commit

If you feel that he's not as serious as you are with making your relationship work, chances are, he really isn't.

There are men who are quick to step up and form lasting relationships, and there are those who are a bit wary of even testing the waters. Fear of commitment isn’t a sin. After all, everybody gets his or her share of cold feet when it comes to investing emotions. What’s wrong is when expectations don’t get managed, and the other half is left dazed and confused about everything.

If you’re one of those women who can’t seem to say for certain if they’re in a real relationship or not, then your man may not yet be ready for one. Here are a few signs to look out for.

1. He seems uncomfortable and unsure when you ask him to spend time with your friends.

Chilling with you is okay, but once you add other people in your life into the equation, he suddenly feels allergic to the idea. A man who’s not ready to commit isn’t ready to know more about you other than what he sees at face value.

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2. He doesn’t want you in certain parts of his life.

He would rather compartmentalize your relationship and not reveal important aspects of his life to you. That means you’ll probably end up not knowing his family and friends, or even what he likes doing on weekends. If he can’t even introduce you to his best bud, then he may not be interested in pushing your relationship to the next level at the moment.

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3. He doesn’t like PDA.

We’re talking about things like holding hands or quick shoulder rubs, or anything that regular couples do to randomly affirm their relationship in public. If your man feels uncomfortable every time you kiss his cheek or rest your head on his shoulder, then maybe he isn’t ready for the big leap just yet.

4. He physically distances himself from you even when you’re together.

Body language reveals a lot of things, and when he chooses to walk before you all the time and you feel as if you’re always tailing him, then there may be problems. A man who is ready to commit makes you feel that you are part of his personal space, while a man who is not seems to appreciate having you at a distance–literally and figuratively.

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