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5 Guys You Shouldn't Date Right After Your Breakup

There are many more fish in the sea.

Looking for a rebound? Maybe you should stay away from these guys…for now. Here’s why:

1. Your ex’s doppleganger

Dating site is offering a new premium service to people who can’t move on from their exes. For a hefty price of $5,000, they will look for someone who looks exactly like your ex. Why would you want that? Do you really want to stare at the same face that broke your heart into a million pieces? Not only is it weird, it will probably make it harder for you to get over him, too. Maybe it's time to try something new.

2. Your ex’s best friend or kabarkada

Getting even with your ex by dating his friend right after your breakup may seem like the best revenge, but it also shows that you’re still bitter and resentful. Plus, do you really want to  be the girl that ruins a lifelong friendship? If there’s a real spark between you and the friend, maybe it will happen in the future, but don’t rush it just because you want to get over your ex ASAP. Keep it platonic for now, then see how it goes when you know for sure that you have moved on.

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3. Your guy BFF that your ex was always suspicious about

Naturally, he will be your shoulder to cry on during this time. You’ll spend hours together talking about why it didn’t work out and how you deserve so much better. He’ll be extra sweet and malambing to make you feel happy and loved (because he is such an awesome friend), but don’t mistake that for flirting. The last thing you need is losing him too if things get awkward and don’t work out.

4. The resident player

Unless you’re just looking for a one-time hookup, stay away from the player. He’s only interested in getting some, not making a commitment. You’re the ideal target right now: vulnerable, lonely, longing for company. Falling for the bad boy at this point is not a good idea.

5. The guy you know is in love with you, but you're not interested in at all

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Don't get the poor guy's hopes up just because you need an ego boost. Forcing yourself to settle for someone you're not really into will not solve your problems. It's a good distraction, but you're both bound to get hurt in the end.