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5 Sensual Massages To Do Together

You and your man are gonna love these romantic rubdowns.

Inspired by the latest spa trends, these romantic massages can be done in 10 minutes a pop or one after the other for a head-to-toe hour of body tingling bliss. P.S. Happy endings are highly encouraged.

1. Tension Zone: CHEST
Guys tend to overwork their pecs at the gym, and women often sit or walk with their shoulders tilted forward, creating soreness along the breastbone.

Trendy Spa Treatment: Acupressure
It engages pressure points to loosen stiffness and is ideal for the area, since it won’t agitate his chest hair or cause awkward maneuvering around your twins.

10-Minute Move
Place your fingertips next to one another at the center of his chest and press firmly. Lift hands, move them two inches farther apart, and repeat. Work your way around then up and down his pecs. Have him do the same to you but only to the bony area directly above your breasts. 

2. Tension Zone: SCALP and FACE
When stressed, we tend to furrow our brow and scrunch our forehead (tension headache, anyone?). Plus, the sinuses are prime ache areas thanks to rainy day colds.

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Trendy Spa Treatment: Chakra Rebalancing
A hybrid of Reiki (an energy-shifting technique) and traditional face massage, this treatment can act like instant pain meds.

10-Minute Move
Rub lotion onto his temples, moving fingers in quarter-size circles. Do the same to his sixth chakra (a.k.a. the third eye or area between his brows), which nixes anxiety. To clear congestion, run your index fingers from the center of the bridge of his nose outward along the bony parts of his eye sockets to his temples. Next, your turn.

3. Tension Zone: FEET and LEGS
Stilettos, the gym, driving—lots of daily habits strain the tiny muscles in your feet and calves and those that run along your shins.

Trendy Spa Treatment: Watsu
This involves sitting in a pool of water to loosen muscles, so they can be more easily manipulated.

10-Minute Move
Hop in the bath or sit on the floor of your shower facing each other, and ask him to draw circles with his thumbs from your heels to your toes. (Firm pressure will prevent you from feeling ticklish.) Next, he should wrap both hands around the top of one calf and slowly slide his thumbs along the sides of your shinbone. As he works his way back up, ask him to create deep circles in your calf muscle with his other four fingers. Before returning the favor, apply body wash to his legs; the lubrication will prevent you from tugging his hair.

4. Tension Zone: NECK and SHOULDERS
They constantly hold up the weight of your head and get super tight from bending over a keyboard or smartphone.      

Trendy Spa Treatment: Sports Massage
Developed to help athletes recover, it targets overused areas.

10-Minute Move
The occipital ridge (where your skull meets your neck) bears the brunt of your head’s weight. Have him press his thumb along this crease (below your hairline) as he moves his digit in circles. Another problem spot: the fleshy areas that connect your shoulders to your neck. Have him wet his fingers with oil and stand in front of him so he can cup your muscles with his palms and squeeze for two seconds, then release and squeeze again. Thumbs should stay attached to pointer fingers, so they don’t jab you. Then give him the treatment. 

5. Tension Zone: BACK
There’s a reason the majority of a pro massage is spent kneading the back: We hold the bulk of our tension here, especially if we sit hunched over a desk most days.

Trendy Spa Treatment: Thai Massage
It incorporates a multitude of stretching positions (sort of like basic yoga) and a partner to help loosen you up—the kind of full-body contact that’s super hot when done with your guy…naked.

10-Minute Move
Stretching works best when muscles are warm, so he should start by nuking half a cup of body lotion for 15 seconds then rubbing it into your skin using long, firm strokes up and down your entire back. Next, sit cross-legged in front of him so you’re facing the same direction. Have him place his bare feet on the midpoint of your back with his knees bent while holding your palms-up hands. As he leans back and straightens his legs, your arms and back muscles will get a gentle stretch. Switch positions.

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