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5 Signs You're A Jealous Girlfriend

You should be the ONLY girl in his life.

You require him to let you check his phone...
It’s one thing to accidentally read a message on his mobile, but to require him to let you see all of his messages, including those of  his mother’s, is another thing altogether. There are times when you are even suspicious of certain contacts and ask him if he’s faking the names of the girls just so he doesn’t get caught. Worst-case scenario: When you get a copy of his contacts and sync it with yours just so you can secretly check up on them when you have the time. 

And text you his whereabouts every hour. 
A non-text usually results in a fight, since you expect him to let you know where he is without you having to ask him for it. Also part of this requirement: what he ate, friends he's hanging out with, and what he bought.
You show up unannounced during nights out with the boys. 
Remember that scene in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days where Kate Hudson unexpectedly shows up for Matthew McConaughey‘s poker night? You may not like the idea, but yes, guys need a break from their girlfriends once in a while. That doesn’t mean though that he’s already up to no good. Give your guy a break and let him hang out with the boys once a week. Let him miss you a little.


You should be the ONLY girl in his life. 
Aside from his mother, sister, grandmother, and other female relatives, your boyfriend has no right to be friends with other girls. Otherwise, there’d be hell to pay. Trust us, that attitude right there immediately sends guys running in the opposite direction because, let's face it, who wants to be tied to a leash? Let your guy enjoy the company of other female friends without going crazy about it. For all you know, he might even be telling them just how happy and proud he is to have you in his life.

You pick a fight every single time he looks at another girl. 
Face it: Guys are wired to notice any pretty or hot girl that walks right past them. As long as he knows his limits, however, you don’t always have to throw a fit.

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