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6 Reasons Why Guys Cheat

What girls REALLY think.

1. It's an exit strategy.
Because your guy doesn’t have the balls to say it to your face, he would rather cheat on you with another chick and let you do the breaking up. What a coward!

2. He gave in to peer pressure.
"Everyone in the barkada is doing it, so why should I be left out?" That’s where you’re wrong buddy! You don’t need to cheat to fit in! Grow a pair and man up.

3. It’s the chase.
It’s always the thrill of the chase. He’s taken, the third party is taken, so what? She flirted first, so why not give it a try? If the other woman says no, it’s perfectly all right because he still has you. But if she says yes, well, "Hell yeah!"

How about we chase you with a bat?

4. Boredom.
For guys, variety is essential. You’ll be surprised that even if they love the girl they’re with at the moment, the idea of a new adventure or experience is what ultimately convinces them to f*ck up. Talk about a really valid excuse.

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5. The sparks are gone.
In mature relationships, couples work hard to get the kilig back. But if one party gives up (read: bangs someone else), then, well, that's that. 

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6. There are women out there he can cheat with.
Sad, but true. Girl, you don't need that drama in your life. Ditch the jerk and move on. There are a lot more (faithful) fish in the sea.


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