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7 Compliments Guys Will Always Love To Hear

They'll make him smile. And melt.

We like compliments since they make us feel appreciated, loved, or desired; guys are no different. People have to be in the giving and receiving end to feel good about themselves especially when they're in a relationship. Here are the compliments guys would love to hear any day:

1. That he's funny.

Funny guys are a catch—they're hard to find and no one can fake being a funny person. What more, guys love making people laugh. While telling your guy that he's funny is stating the obvious, for him, knowing that he makes you laugh like no other or that his jokes always work on you means that you two have a similar sense of humorand you guys are practically meant to be.

2. That he's smart or skilled.

When you tell your guy that he's so smart or that he's brilliant, you're recognizing his ability to lead and you're also implying that he's someone you trust pretty much with your life. (You could say that guys want to be ahead of other guys when it comes to moving up in life, and this is your way of assuring your partner that he'll make it.)


3. That he's great in bed.

Yup, this is on the list. Guys want that sex-related ego boost because many of them have been raised to believe that they have to be a freak in the sheets; it's been ingrained in them so much that some are insecure about it or just need assurance that they're great. For some who may not be insecure, they don't need the assurance to feel good about themselves but they need it to know if you're satisfied, period.

4. That you believe in him.

Anyone who hears people tell him any variation of "I believe in you" will melt. And when those words come from a partner, it's bound to mean the world. Guys have their ambitions too, and when their partner's on board and cheering him on consistently, he'll really feel like he can do anything.

5. That he's charming or handsome.

Guys don't usually get compliments about their appearance firsthand, so when you tell your partner that you like his arms, abs, or smile it's so new and fresh to his ears that he can't help smilingor laughing from thinking you're joking. What more, complimenting how his regular workouts are toning his body lets him know that you notice the little things about him. Who doesn't want that?

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And when you use the words "charming" or "handsome"words people don't often hear these daysyour guy will feel extra special.

6. Something that praises or appreciates what he does for you.

Relationships grow stronger in time, and that's mostly because of the things you both do for each other: from supporting each other, giving each other gifts, making time for your dates, to being the shoulder to laugh and cry on. Being appreciative of all those things lets your guy know that you're not entitled, that you're not taking him for granted, and that you recognize his efforts to keep you happy and make your relationship get even better.

7. That he makes you feel safe, loved, horny, and the happiest you've ever been in your life.

This lets your guy know that you're not just there being polite and thanking him for the dinner or just in shock that he has abs now. When you tell him he makes you happy or safe like no other, you're telling him he has an effect on you, that he's significant to you, maybe even Mr. Right.


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