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7 Signs He's Not Taking You Seriously

He's always distancing himself, and that distance is too great to deny.

1. He talks crap about you to his friends. You're the girl he and his friends laugh at for being so hung up on him or being so uncool or whatever. Talking crap about you shows that he doesn't respect you at all because he's tainting other people's perception of you and making them not like you or want to get to know you. Sure, it makes him look like an asshole since talking shit about you says more about him than you. Sadly, not everyone is smart enough to think that.

2. Or no one in his circle knows you guys are dating. If there's no legit reason for him to hide your relationship, he's either ashamed of you or he believes that you guys won't last long so there's no point introducing you to his family and friends. 

3. He still does whatever makes you feel uncomfortable, annoyed, or offended. It could be fooling around with other girls or not flushing the toilet or teasing you about your body. If he doesn't care about your feelings, he doesn't care about you. It's definitely a hard pill to swallow, but who said accepting the truth was easy?

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4. You're not a priority. If he's serious about you, he'll tell you his plans or check them with you because it's understood that your free days are spent together. But because he does as he pleases without a single thought of you, not only are you not a priority, but you're probably someone he doesn't find fun to hang out with either.

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5. He doesn't really care if you don't talk to him all day. Nope, he's not going to call you before he sleeps or ask what's up or "Are you mad at me?" because you were AWOL. He'll go on with his day like nothing significant was missingand that's the thing: you're not significant to him.

6. He doesn't take you to his favorite places. Which means he's not letting you into his world. He doesn't want you associated with the restaurant he gets his comfort food from ever since he was a growing boy, the park he used to play football at, or that other park where he could have a great view of the stars.

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7. He doesn't watch your favorite movies or TV shows with you. You want to share with him the awesome things you've seen and heardto share with him all your favorite things, reallybut he says he's not interested in TV shows or rom-coms no matter how high their ratings are on Rotten Tomatoes. What's sad about this, no matter how trivial it may seem, is that he doesn't want to be a part of your world or doesn't see the point of being part of it.

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7 Signs He's Not Ready For A Serious Relationship