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8 Reasons Why You Date Guys You Only Kinda Like

You have nothing to lose.

1. He’s nice to look at.
He may not be the best conversationalist, but he makes for some really good eye candy. Never mind that he's been talking about basketball and his gym routine for the past 30 minutes. Just sit there and enjoy the view.

2. You’re bored.
You’re sick of being single and dateless every freakin' week, so you settle for anyone who comes your way. You have nothing better to do anyway. Plus, FOOD. How can you say no to (possibly free) food?

3. You're lonely or depressed.
You need an ego boost to feel a little better about your life. Guys always put their best foot forward in the early stages of dating—and throughout the duration of the relationship, if you're lucky—so you cling on to that attention to forget everything else.

4. He’s really nice.
You ended up saying yes when he asked you out because you couldn’t bear to break his heart. The last thing you want to do is hurt a nice guy like him. He may not be the guy for you, but you give it a shot anyway.

5. You’re trying to get over someone else.
Ah yes, the rebound guy. Sometimes the only way to keep your mind off an ex is to divert your attention to someone else. It's not the smartest and healthiest way to get over someone, and trust us, it doesn't always work, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

6. He’s a fun distraction.
He's different. The change in pace excites you. He makes you forget about all the other shitty things happening in your life. 

7. You’re not looking for anything serious.
You know you're not going to end up with him in the long run so there's no pressure. He's like a meantime guy—someone to just pass the time and have a little fun with.

8. Because YOLO.
You have nothing to lose anyway. Who knows, you might end up liking him for real the more you get to know him…right? If not, then oh well. On to the next one.

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