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9 Things Only Girls Dating Down-To-Earth Pogi Guys Understand

You're dating a guy nearly every girl wants .

1. A lot of girls have a crush on him. Okay, it can make you proud that you have a catch or a gem, someone who looks good and has an endearing personality; he's not narcisstic. But it kind of sucks when a hot girl has a crush on your guy and you think he's attracted to her too then BINGO, they could totally hit it off from there. That's pretty shallow of you to think of things that way, and it's insulting on your guy's part to be thought of as shallow as well. Nothing justifies your crazy thoughts, but it must be said that it's just easy to lose your cool when hot girls are really, really close to throwing themselves at your guy's feet.

2. You're pretty sure someone will pounce on him if you guys break up. Not that this is wrong; it's not and it's something that's beyond your control. It sucks to think though that it seems like he could easily move on from you or easily replace you with someone else after everything you've been through.

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3. People get the impression you're dating a guy who has nothing else going for him, just because he's pogi. The unfortunate thing for every good-looking person out there is that people believe your looks are all you have. People seem to think that being smart, noble, kind, or funny are just for everybody else who isn't really hot. Uh, NO. Also, they should know that there's no way you'd be with someone who's not interested in progressing in some way in life.

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4. People say that you're lucky to be with a pogi guy. Which is true, I suppose. But aren't they somehow mistaken? Aren't you lucky because you're with someone who's loving, understanding, funny, and patient? No one's lucky to be with a guy who's only pogiSee beyond the face and body!

5. People think you're dating a god or something of the sort. All you know is that you're dating a great guy who's perfect for you. He's not some sort of high and mighty god; he makes mistakes, he has his shortcomings, his quirks that make him who he is. Many people just aren't privy to that side of him. The most you can say is that he's the manthe person other guys should aspire to be like.

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6. You don't feel pressured to look like a model with him. That means you can dress down, not go to the gym, and not wear makeup around him because he's chill about appearances. You see that he doesn't scrutinize his body, so you don't feel like he scrutinizes your body and spots "flaws." You don't feel the pressure to be or look like a certain type of girl. You're also not self-conscious, so you're always at ease with him. But if you're the type to dress up, he's not the type to mind either. As we said, he's chill about looks. (He can totally rock anything though. Just saying.)

7. You can stare at him for hours and hours and do nothing else. Because you don't want other people gazing dreamily at him, you're going to be the one to do it because those looks just have to be appreciated! Admittedly it's creepy so it's just your little secret with yourself. Sssshhh.

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8. You love it when people say you guys look good together. There are two ways to define "couples who look good together." One is they look really happy together. The other is they have the same level of attractiveness. So when people say you and your guy look good together, it can only mean good things.

9. Making him laugh or smile, one of the best things ever, becomes so much more special. The dazzling smile, the cute chuckle, the eyes that never leave you or the way he looks at you (and only you) for making him so happyyou just fall again and again for him. Also, #laglagpanty

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