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14 Signs You're The Best Girlfriend He's Ever Had

Everyone can tell how happy he is when he's with you!

He says he's never been happier until he got together with you or since you came into his life.

If he's an honest guy (and we're pretty sure he is), he's serious when he tells you he feels like he's at the highest point of his life with you by his side. What would make him all the more sincere is when he recalls how you've helped him grow and all the support you've given him. Good job, you!

You're thrilled about his achievements!

It's difficult to be happy for other people especially when you're going through loads of unfortunate things. But with him, you can set aside all your troubles and celebrate his triumphs. And you know what? He can probably see how selfless you are, and that would mean a lot to him.

You always make it a point to make him feel special and loved.

You see it in his face when you compliment him, cheer him on, and tell him you love him. And when you see his smile and that look in his eyes, you know he feels like the luckiest person in the world. 


You watch movies he loves, even if you're not into all that toilet humor.

He appreciates how you're willing to spend time with him and how you try to be open to enjoy something you're not all that interested in.

You know exactly what to say and when to keep quiet.

You understand his emotions and his thought process, so you know the best way to comfort him when he's upset. It's hard to give space to someone you extremely care about because you want to fix things for him stat. But you know that some things aren't for you to handle. That what's most important is for him to find his way through things.

You know how to drive him crazy, even through the smallest of gestures.

Any person would feel lucky to be with someone who pays attention to all the spots in his body that arouse him. That means that you're not just on the receiving end all the time when you're getting physical; you're also about making your partner feel mind-blown. Pretty sweet if you think about it!


He geeks out to you even if you don't understand what he's raving about.

Because you're the best person for him to talk to, maybe the only person he can talk to as well. You're a great listener!

You send him sweet or cute stuff just to make him smile during the day or to start his day right.

It's the little things that make all the difference. <3

He's still able to do things he loves without feeling like he has to give any of those up just to be with you 24/7.

It's great for him (as it is for anyone) to not have to choose between you and his hobbies or interests, like playing computer games. There's no drama on his end, and guys just don't like that stuff. More importantly, he sees that you respect him as an individual and that's valuable.

His family adores you.

Total plus points for when you become the Mrs. (And yes, if he's thinking about putting a ring on it, you know you're the real deal.)


He trusts you completely.

Well technically, we all have to trust the one we're with. That's the back bone of any relationship. But we're still including this point on the list because the reality is that some people don't trust their partner 100 percent. So his trusting you is definitely noteworthy.

You have the same values.

It's difficult to be with someone who's just not on the same page. It's hard to see the relationship going far if something as hard to change as values or principles (which also helps make us who we are) are completely different from yours.

What's just as difficult is finding someone who's on the same wavelength as you are. And when you and your guy have that, you guys can just enjoy being together without those arguments and debates and wondering how difficult things could be in the future.

Everyone notices he's so much happier with you.


Yay for public approval! They can probably feel his happiness too. ~*Amazing.*~

He makes sure you're really, really happy.

If you're the best girl he's ever had, there is no way he would want to upset or hurt you. And he's got every reason in the whole world to make you feel special. And everything he does for you feels so natural and so right to him. Whatever it is you truly want, whatever it is you need (even if you didn't realize you needed it), he'll do his best to give you all those.

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