These Are The Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

Your chances of conception are maximized by ~deeper~ penetration.
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While trying to get pregnant might sound fun to those who haven't been through it (it's an excuse to have loads of sex and blame your horniness on trying to make a baby right? Wrong!) it can be pretty stressful, demoralizing, and just plain exhausting for those who don't conceive straight away. 

But, according to experts, certain sex positions increase your chances of falling pregnant. Dr. Clare Morrison, GP at online pharmacy MedExpress, explains which sex positions are best.

"If both the man and the woman are fertile, and the timing is right, any sexual position can result in pregnancy, provided that semen ends up in the vagina," she says. "Sperm are surprisingly resilient and are able to swim upstream for quite a distance. Not only that, but they last for several days in the woman’s body. The timing of intercourse is the most important issue. However, to maximize the chance of pregnancy, it's worth giving some thought to your position during sex, as it can alter the depth of penetration and the likelihood of female orgasm."

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Deeper penetration is better

Semen will be deposited nearer to the cervix with deeper penetration, meaning the sperm won't have to swim as far. You could achieve this with the man entering from behind for example.

Doggy style

The classic position for deep penetration is "doggy style" with the woman on her hands and knees. Or try this variation: It can be more comfortable for the woman to kneel in front of a large pile of cushions and rest her body on top of them.


The missionary position (woman lying on her back, with the man on top), is also good for penetration. It has the advantage that the couple are face to face, making the moment more romantic, and also ensures that the woman is lying flat when ejaculation occurs.

Or the man could be supporting himself on all fours, allowing the woman to lift her hips towards his penis. This can be more satisfying for the woman and gives really good penetration.

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Tilting the pelvis

Some recommend that the woman lifts her legs onto the man's shoulders, but it's the position of the pelvis that counts, and moving the legs won't significantly affect this. It would be more useful to put a small pillow behind the woman's lower back, to tilt the pelvis up slightly.

Orgasms help

Female orgasm isn't essential for pregnancy, though it does help to trigger ovulation, and the associated muscle contractions may help move the sperm in the right direction. Orgasm is more likely if there is sufficient clitoral stimulation, so the best position is probably the one you enjoy the most!

After sex

Many believe that it helps if the woman lies on her back for a while after intercourse, so don't be tempted to rush to the loo straight away. Wait for at least 15 minutes, so that as much semen stays inside as possible.

Some even suggest that the woman should stand on her head or lie with her legs up over her head after intercourse, but there is absolutely no scientific evidence that this would help, and it would be more likely to cause injury than actually do any good.

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