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Boys, Please Stop Posting These Profile Photos On Tinder

Bakit naka-shades kayong lahat?
PHOTO: Pixabay

Last month, we featured Tinder taglines that guys are sick of seeing. Now, it’s time for revenge! After quizzing a few CGs about the things men should quit posting on the dating app, we learned that, more than one-liner bios, it’s guys' profile photo choices that turn girls off.

1. Shades

What we think: Oh c’mon, we all know that everyone looks good wearing sunglasses. To prove our point, we scroll through the rest of your gallery and often end up saying, “I knew it!” Needless to say, a swipe left follows.

2. Pa-mysterious distant photos

What we think: Double eyeroll if it includes a hugot caption.

3. Three-hit combo: Naka shades na, cheesy pa yung background, tapos looking away pa!

What we think: Nakakainis! You’re like that wedding photographer who takes photos of clouds and buildings more than the actual faces of the newlyweds.

4. Barkada photo

What we think: We pray you’re the hot one in the middle, but this prayer never works.

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5. Downloaded photo of a random model

What we think: It’s pixelated and obviously from the internet. How else do we know? There are no other photos in your gallery.

6. Your dog

What we think: That’s a really cute Shih Tzu, but we’re not here to date dogs. Is it even yours?

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7. Body parts other than your face

What we think: We don’t care if you have chiseled abs or a fascinating neck tattoo. No face in the entire gallery? Definitely married and looking to cheat.

8. Baby photos

What we think: Whether it’s a throwback photo from when you were still in diapers, or the latest pic of your son, it’s really not a great pick-up strategy.

9. Your company logo followed by “just here to network”

What we think: Abort! Abort! Multi-level marketing!

10. Tigers

Did you know that posing with a sedated and miserable wild animal is considered animal cruelty? There are bills and laws banning tourists from posing up-close with tigers—whether in zoos or in the wild. PETA speech aside, the omnipresence of tigers on Tinder spurred numerous articles dissecting this phenomenon. In fact, there’s an entire website dedicated to just that— I will submit your photo there.

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