Parts Of Your Vagina, In Case You Don't Know Them Yet

Quick, grab a hand mirror now!

It’s the most amazing part of the female body, but also the most neglected. While it’s the doorway to pleasure and the bringer of new life, we often forget to give it well-deserved TLC—and it doesn’t need much to be happy. If you haven’t taken a good look down there in a while, then lock up, strip down, and grab that mirror to really check yourself out while reading our vag guide.

Yes, it sounds like a freakish little thing from outer space, but it’s actually the part of our privates that we often see. The mons, labia (major and minor), clit, vaginal opening, and urethra opening all make up the vulva, along with a cast of minor actors like the perineum (that area between your vagina and anus) and secretion glands responsible for lubrication. That fleshy mound that’s usually covered in hair until your aesthetician gets happy waxing it into funky shapes, is the mons. It’s not as sensitive as the rest of our privates—otherwise you’d be crying buckets at the waxing salon.

LABIA MAJORA (outer lips)
You can blame it for that unsightly camel toe, but it’s an important part of the female genital area. It doesn’t have as many nerve endings—but it hurts like hell when you get a Brazilian—because it’s a fatty mound of tissue meant to protect our “precious’. Manually stimulating it can prime your clit to receive more pleasure!

LABIA MINORA (inner lips)
There’s a reason oysters are aphrodisiacs—not only do they chemically stimulate your libido, their folds also clearly resemble your inner lips—they're bound to get your guy thinking about eating you too! Your labia minora is packed with blood vessels and glands—including Bartholin’s glands (near your vag opening, underneath your inner lips) which produce a little moisture to make penetration easier. You may also often find your inner lips swollen and red post-romp because of the amount of blood that’s traveled to those parts.

This little bud needs no introduction, since it’s the only organ in our body whose sole purpose is to give us pleasure—with 8,000 nerve endings! P.S. A guy’s package can’t even compare! The nub, which is usually covered by the clitoral hood, is no bigger than a pea. But that being the female "head," it actually has "legs" that extend all the way into the vag, ending right on your G-spot. This little bud grows into full bloom as we age—by the time you hit your 30s, it’d be four times as big—which is why sex feels much, much better as you get older. Something to look forward to, yeah?

While the vag’s dime-sized opening can’t compete with the clit in the battle of nerve endings, the vag packs a mighty punch with the G-Spot. This infamous spot is located two inches inside the vagina, right under the pubic mound. It’s as small as a 25-centavo coin, and has a spongy texture. Feel it to find out—use your finger to navigate your insides, specifically the front wall of your vagina. You will know you’ve hit the spot when you feel that all-familiar tingle. Its position in your inner cavity is the reason why the doggie and reverse cowgirl feel so damn good!

This four-inch passage can hold its own against frantic sex and, yes, childbirth. More than simply an expandable tube akin to a balloon, the vagina is actually pleated, like an accordion. No, it’s not stretched out all the time—our vag just makes room when necessary—it can go easily from half an inch to two inches wide to accommodate the penis, or wider, come baby time!

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Sadly, the inner walls don’t have as much nerve endings, so the real pleasure comes from around the mouth of your vagina. Good news: You can assure your guy that it’s not length that matters, but how he uses it. Quick tip: try shallow thrusting, where his head, more than his shaft, makes contact with your opening.

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