9 Reasons Your Cuddling Expectations Will Never Match Reality

He will *always* sit on your hair.
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  1. Expectation: 

    You’ll sleep spooning all night because you’re so in love and at peace with each other. 

    Reality:  You’ll shift cuddling positions about 57 times before you just retreat to your own corners of the bed.

  2. Expectation: 

    You’ll lie perfectly still while spooning, as if everything around you has frozen in time.

    Reality:  True, if you don’t count the sudden, inevitable boner from the butt-to-crotch contact (he’s only human).

  3. Expectation: 

    In the summer, you’ll lay out a beach blanket and hold each other close on a gorgeous day.

    Reality:  You’ll do it for 10 minutes before you complain about being too sweaty.

  4. Expectation: 

    Facing each other when cuddling feels so natural; your bodies just ~fit perfectly~!

    Reality: Your legs have no idea where to go! Nothing feels right!

  5. Expectation:

    He’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear the whole time.

    Reality: He’ll do that in between mentioning how his arm fell asleep or how he has to pee.
  6. Expectation: 

    Cuddling in bed while watching Netflix...What could be better???

    Reality: You both fall asleep right away, LOL. 
  7. Expectation: 

    Lying in each others’ arms is the gentlest, sweetest experience in the whole wide world.

    Reality: He will 100 percent absent-mindedly roll on top of your hair.
  8. Expectation:

    You’ll feel the coziest you’ve ever felt in his arms.

    Reality: The room is too cold, and you keep wrestling for the ends of a too-small blanket.
  9. Expectation: 

    As long as you love each other, you’ll never get sick of cuddling.

    Reality: This one’s actually true!

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This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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