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This Dating App Matches You Based On What You Love To Hate

It's called 'Hater.' LOL.
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As much as we advocate spreading love, peace, and happiness, there is something almost euphoric about opening your best friend’s chat window, typing “OK SO,” and then launching into a full-blown rant about something that pissed you off—especially if you can trust that person to respond accordingly.

Bitch fits aren’t just therapeutic; dishing about a mutual hatred is a way for people to bond. In fact, social psychologist Jennifer Bosson conducted a study that involved participants who were asked to name something they liked and disliked about a person called Brad. Soon after, they were introduced to a person who either liked or disliked the same things about Brad. Bosson found that “people who expected to meet a stranger felt closer to this person when they believed that they shared a negative—as opposed to a positive—attitude about Brad.”

Bosson added, “It’s not that we enjoy disliking people. It’s that we enjoy meeting people who dislike the same people.” 

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We’re not sure if that’s necessarily better, but given this finding, we’re not that surprised that someone created an app that’s all about finding love by hating the same things. Perhaps the most appropriately named dating app, “Hater” promises to match you with someone who’ll be more than willing to bitch about everything you detest. Ah, romance.

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Like Tinder, it’s a swipe-based app where you have to go through over 2,000 topics; you have to swipe down for hate, up for love, right for like, and left for dislike. Eventually, your matches will start appearing! Hater is still in its beta stage, so you might want to wait a few months before giving it a go. 

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