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Decode Your Guy's Thoughts With These 4 Physical Cues

Wondering what's up with your BF? Don't fret. We show you how to figure out what he's thinking by watching for these bodily signals.

Physical contact makes it easier to pick up immediately on your guy’s perspective, since you can actually feel his body react to your hand (as opposed to having to gauge his facial expression or tone of voice). Look for these clues to figure out what’s going through his head.

He tenses up.

You’ll feel his muscles contract under your hand, like a reflex. This indicates that he’s nervous and unreceptive (for example, he may be unconvinced by your apology if you feel his knee twitch as you squeeze it).

He leans into you.

If he subtly shifts his body to meet yours (like by melting as you scratch his neck), he’s showingyou that he’s under your influence. This means he’s more likely to agree to walk your dog or want to stop a fight.

He angles his body away from you.

By maintaining the physical connection, he’s showing he’s open to what you’re saying, but angling to the side means he’s not totally sold (it’s a physical sign of his ambivalence).

He’s perfectly still.

Typically, no reaction is the worst reaction. That means he is completely disengaged from the conversation and has built up a wall. You’re better off waiting until another time, when he’s not shutting you out.

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