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Stay Away From These Movies After Your Breakup!

Any of these flicks + ice cream = DISASTER.

DO NOT, we repeat: DO NOT attempt to watch any of these movies if:

a) You're still not over that jerk who left you for another girl.

b) You left the love of your life because it was for the best—but he still wants you back. 

c) You've been listening to too many Taylor Swift songs. 

d) All of the above. 

You have been warned.

1. Something Borrowed 

"I want not to want him," says Ginnifer Goodwin. But can you, really? This is what happens when you let go of your true love—and your best friend just happens to catch him at the right time. OUCH.

2. 27 Dresses

When that man you've been head over heels for pops the big question to your sister and, unaware, your sister enlists your help for everything that has to do with the wedding planning, well…good luck with that, honey!

3. Notting Hill


Stop torturing yourself! At this point in time, "You're only just a girl...bawling her eyes out." You don't need happily-ever-after crap. Not now, at least!

4. Love at First Hiccup

Every single heartbreak will, somehow, remind you of your first love. First kiss. First MOMOL. First, you know. This film will pretty much remind you of your relationships' milestones, and guess what? No one will be there to hold you tight. SKIP THIS. 

5. One Day

It just hurts. Period.

6. The Notebook

"Everybody deserves a second chance." Oh, that famous line. Don't listen to that. It's not applicable to you. With this love story, you're just going to end up wanting to get back with someone who might not even be good for you to begin with. If you're truly meant for each other, things will happen at the right time. Until then, stay away from this movie!

7. Love Me If You Dare 

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Just broke up with your childhood sweetheart? This is going to be one helluva roller coaster ride.

8. P.S. I Love You

When you break up with someone, you need to cut off all forms of communication. But what happens when every single day after you part, you still see how much he cares for you but he simply can't be with you any longer?

9. Titanic

Being reminded of how wonderful it is to be in love only for you to end up apart is just beyond painful. No. Save this classic for another time.

10. Someone Like You

If you think having a guy friend around and eventually falling for him is OK after a breakup, you're wrong. Girl, you know what a rebound is, right?

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