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Everything You Should Know About Your Vajayjay

The vagina is as mysterious as it is delicate. Here's some pretty important info you can use to stay fresh and healthy down there.

Like most women in the country, there are probably a lot of things you wonder about your intimate area but wouldn’t dare ask your gynecologist. We shed some light on the weird things about your lady bits, and you’ll find out that you’re not much different from everyone else.

1. Your annual Pap smear can only be used to screen cervical cancer. It doesn’t check your ovaries, your uterus, or your colon. If you feel something’s different and should be looked into, ask your doctor what other possible tests you could take.

2. Each vagina is special and unique. Some lips hang down, while others are tucked inside. Don’t think yourself different if yours doesn’t look like how it usually does in drawings and pictures.

3. The amount of vaginal discharge you have varies from time to time and from one woman to another. Some have more than usual that they have to wear panty liners, while others stay almost dry. As long as it doesn’t smell funny, you’re fine.

4. Wearing cotton underwear will help you feel fresher. Cotton and other natural fibers are more breathable, so it’ll allow air to circulate and prevent moisture from getting trapped.

5. A lot of girls wonder if they smell down there—and whether other people can smell them. Under normal circumstances, no one ever smells the odors from a girl’s vagina as long as you stay clean. If you have an infection like bacterial vaginosis, you may notice a fishy odor. In this case, you need to see a gyne pronto.

phcare6. You don’t have to douche. It has its own way of cleaning itself up. Daily washing should consist only of water and your trusted feminine wash, like pH Care which has a pH level 5 that helps maintain the natural pH of your external genitalia, making it mild to use everyday.

7. Vaginas stretch when you have babies through them. Practice Kegel exercises by holding and releasing the muscle you use to hold your pee. This will help you from feeling loose in the future.

8. Sex shouldn’t hurt, but it does for a lot of women. If it does for you, see your gynecologist, so you don’t end up suffering in silence. He or she will know about ways to ease or erase the pain.

9. If you have your period, make sure to change your pads or tampons frequently, take a bath daily, and wear clean underwear. Also, keep spare underwear around in case you soak through your pad or tampon. The more hygienic you are, the cleaner you feel.

10. Trimming or shaving your pubes can prevent bad odors from urine or your period. Having little hair down there will keep these from getting trapped and make your vajayjay easier to clean.

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